Do you use forms in your business or organization? They may be costing you a bundle of money and wasting lots of processing time.  If you want to change all that, the answer is in the palm of your hand – the smartphone!

Perhaps you tried to find an app to assist with paperwork, but it wasn’t really what you needed.  The good news is that we have a cost-effective, easy-to-use service that will change the way you do business and let you do it your way!

Using our QRCode solution and forms that you create to meet your needs, you can input information from your smartphone and store the forms electronically.  Then, when you are ready, you can automate reports that take that data and make it really work for you.

Inspection reports, swimming pool chemistry readings, service tickets and other applications all benefit from a form that can capture data and be automatically routed to the best person for additional action – all with a tap on your smartphone.

And, if you want to build better ways for customers to do business with you, our solution will make you a star there, too.  When they scan your QRCode, it can open whatever type of form serves their needs best – a supplies order form, a service request, a feedback form – you name it.  And again, they can all be routed automatically to the person who needs to act on that information.

Workflow automation is now in the palm of your hand, and you can get started without the need for costly training or expensive investments. No more forms to print and store, no more form sorting and no more manual data entry from paper forms.  Grab the data once and then put it to work for you.

Let’s get connected and have a conversation to see how you can upgrade your operations with a mobility solution.